31 May 2015

Classic American Automobiles

It is sad to contemplate but unless you are in your dotage, like your humble correspondent, you cannot remember the time when American automobiles were the pinnacle of transportation engineering, the envy of the world for style, durability, comfort and technological innovation. How Pontiac, Rambler, Hudson, Nash, Crosley ( my dad had one in the early 1950s which regularly achieved over 30 miles per gallon), Kaiser, Packard, Studebaker, oh I cannot go on, it is far too depressing. How did they go from market dominance to bankruptcy so quickly? And Ford, Chevrolet, Cadillac, who gave the world the body and interior designs held as classics today, how did they lose their way?

Chantilly Festival Farm here in Floyd held its annual car show and parts swap this weekend. The weather was cooperative, the crowds good and the cars, well, GREAT. Nice to see hot rods, rat rods and restored bodies fender-to-fender, shining brilliantly in the abundant sun beams.

Classic hot rod chrome and paint

Rat Rod

Thunderbird, the last great original American design

Having pretensions to being an artiste, Mr. Fuzzy cannot leave a good image alone. Please click to enlarge those below, otherwise the subtleties will be lost.

There was another engaging event in Floyd on Saturday but that will wait for the next post. Enjoy your weekend, dear reader.

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