07 October 2013

arty images

Dearest Readers,

As Rocket J. Squirrel used to say, "And now for something we hope you really like."

In the hundreds of photos posted over the last five years on this blog, most have been rather straight documentary images. Mr. Fuzzy also creates images that began as photographs and have endured substantial manipulation to achieve the look desired. A few will be posted for your edification and hopefully, your viewing pleasure. In order to appreciate the fine points, it would be best to enlarge the image. Criticism that will aid in refining the images and approaches will be appreciated.

All four images were made on the Sunday Drive. An enjoyable and productive time.


Ryan Riehl said...

My personal favorite was the "Parkway and Fence" scene, it really has an authentic feel to it. A close second favorite was "All up hill". I'm just a casual observer, not a proper critic. Well done.

JudyB said...

Favorite two are the color road scenes...but sure love that long line of wood fence. As Ryan, also not a proper critic!