20 June 2012

Garden Workhorses

When you get into the organic gardening groove you begin to see things a little differently.


Planting outside a fence is especially precarious business when you have dozens of chickens marauding about in search of a new place to dig worms. My previous solution was to use ugly garden mesh held up with hrade stales but I have since found 24" prefab picket fencing. I think it looks nice enough and the chickens think it looks impenetrable. The mint in the photo below was almost gone six weeks ago.

This morning, when I opened another roll of fencing from the stash I keep in the garden what did I find but 100 newly hatched spiders still in the fluff that surrounds an egg case. Now, you all might be thinking "eek!" but my first thought was "more pest eaters!!!!!"

I will post again when this new bit of decorative planting is complete.

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