21 June 2012

Frog Eggs!

Our anemic pond which refuses both to hold water or completely dry out so we can line it has been showing signs of amphibian habitation. Most nights we hear a frog or two chatting with the ones on the near creek. I have even heard the distinctive "plunk!" when they jump into the water to evade chickens and cats.

Today Mr. Fuzzy's keen eyes noticed a mass of eggs at the water's edge. There is rain in our forecast so perhaps there is hope for the tadpoles survival.

The birds sure would like that. They love eating toads


Lausanne said...

Sorry to hear that your pond is not holding its own. Our wee excuse for a pond (a ledge pocket below the house that I shoveled out and dammed the low end of) has, for the first time since I made it,dried to a cake of cracked mudskin . We truly need rain, and today it is meekly raining, just enough to moisten the top skin of that dry mud hole the ducks love so.
I am impressed with your fencing solution for the chickens. That stick-roll fencing is easy to put up, roll up and move as needed. Clever! I just finished establishing a vast paradise for ducks and chickens alike, using chicken mesh and stakes. We have fox and fisher problems that prohibit the fowl from meandering freely as they once did around the entire place, so this seems a generous solution. Their yards are conjoined and greatly expanded by my efforts so once again they can mix and mingle freely (no sleepovers yet!) Stray hen eggs are to be found in the duck house when the nest box queue gets intolerably long! Alas, my inadequate quarters for the hens is resulting in a brooding craze in the hen-house. If I don't gather up the eggs in time, a hen who'd like to brood seizes the opportunity to stake a claim. As a result my chicken egg business is deteriorating rapidly and there's little room for an honest chicken to lay her egg anymore. What will come of all this? I'll keep you posted!

Lausanne said...

P.S. I sure like it when Mr. Fuzzy posts his photos because they enlarge with a click of my cursor. Alas, Mrs. Fuzzy's photos are modest in size...just sayin'.