15 November 2011

Water Heaters, Part II

The search for a new water heater has become an Olympian struggle. I gave the plumbing company my first three choices for 50 gallon, propane fired, 12 year warranty, Energy Star compliant, water heaters, one each from Sears, Lowes, and Home Depot. Guess what - none of the three are kept in stock and waiting time to reacquire a hot water shower ranges from five to 15 days.

So, to widen the choices, next I went to propane tankless water heaters where the Rheem was a clear choice at Lowes. No real contenders elsewhere. Guess what - or are you ahead of me already - three to five days to obtain one. Probably.

Is there a moral here? Why, yes, of course there is! Actually, two or more:

1. order a new water heater before the old one dies. Maybe put it in the garage or paint it wild colors, call it "art" and make it the centerpiece of the living room, where it will live in comfort for a few years until its predecessor dies.

2. if you want an in-stock water heater because your old one is already dead, don't look for a quality product; everyone has six year warranty, non-Energy Star heaters that are unlikely to last much past six years.


peter g. said...

You complain of a five day delay in getting a new boiler and you have lived in Scotland. Five weeks is very good, Five months more like it! Come on you are getting spoilt!
What is a few days cold.

Lausanne said...

Please hold out for the energy star appliance, whichever it is. We upgraded to an energy star refrigerator this summer and our bill continues to be $10-15 dollars less than last year for the each month. We had to wait a week for the fridge we had picked out and I'm glad I did!

Anonymous said...

Wish I had known about this situation, I would have told you about my Marathon heater, designed for the space station, nothing to ever rust out, highly efficient, electric (that crap about it raising your electric bill is totally false) this is the second one we've had, and probably no harder to get than what your getting.
Known Anonymous