06 November 2011

seasonal conditions

The last week or so, the nights have been at or below the freezing point of water; the days have cooled as well, some, even with all the assistance Old Sol can give, could not rise to the fifty degree mark. Mrs. Fuzzy has tended several fireplace sessions to take the chill out of the house.

Mr. Fuzzy took a stroll about the southern half of Stratheden today; the conditions were perfect - dead calm, not a single cloud in the deep blue sky, about 55F and the long shadows and gorgeous colour of light found only in the autumn before it trends to winter.

The deer were about with four does and one buck spotted. Hunting season is soon with us and they are currently far too nonchalant about sounds and movement if they wish to see the new year. Deer trails abound on the farm - here is one. They are so well-worn that a child would spot them.

The forest floor is thoroughly insulated by a deep blanket of leaves with very few remaining on the trees now. The various pine trees now stand out in stark contrast to their naked brethren all around them.

There is a sense that a new crew has taken over the task of maintaining the forest lives.

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Lovely post.