13 September 2011

apple thieves

Dearest of all Readers, Mr. Fuzzy has puzzled about the chunks taken out of the mutsu apples whilst said apple is still on the tree. The cats perform their duties quite well and normally keep even the peskiest ravens away from our fruit. So what could be eating the forbidden fruit?

The answer revealed itself this afternoon as I watched at least four of Mrs. Fuzzy's new chickens way up high in the tree. Chickens in trees? Really? Yes. And here is the proof. You may have to click to enlarge the image but there are very clearly two chickens in view. The next image was made during the booking process and is Perpetrator #1.

Live and learn.


Lausanne said...

What a shame! If only they would fill up and eat an entire apple or two, instead of spoiling so many. So now that you know who the culprits are, what are you going to DO about it?

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

Well I'll be...! The leghorns only started getting up in trees last week and now those darned mongrel girls are doing it too. Guess it's my fault. I set out 2 bushels of fallen apples for the birds (and yellowjacket wasps) a few weeks back and it seems they really like them. Time to throw more apples over the wall!

Anonymous said...

When my family raised chickens, the birds sometimes slept in small trees for two reasons; 1. they either were for some reason scared to go in their pen for the night (something had been taking them), or 2. were getting smart/senile in their age and not going back. Clipping the feathers on one wing-tip makes them less able to fly up into trees. (JP)