20 August 2011

Racoons Are Cute

Well, would you look at that! I wrote this post about the raccoon who invaded the coop and forgot to post it when I couldn't find the cable to add photos. Seven weeks late... but here's your update! Original composition dated July 6th.

Yes, yes they are! Look at this pretty girl. You'd hardly believe that she broke into the coop and stole nearly a dozen eggs and hauled off a whole bunch of chickens. See that.... ? She's pulling the towel into the cage so she can curl up with a nice soft blankie.

Mr. Ruger missed her a couple times so Madame Trappe suggested she try her wiles as Ruger and Co. rested a bit. Arriving on her well-established 3-hour cycle, Miss. Raccoon went right in to the trap for her eggs and rotting peach. CLANK! Safely disarmed by her own hand (or was it a foot?) Miss. Raccoon spent the rest of the night and the next morning in her little wire box.

The Roosters were NOT happy to see a raccoon, even a caged one, outside the coop in the morning. Indeed, they refused to allow the hens or lower ranking roosters out the pop hole until Miss. raccoon was removed from the vicinity.

Once outside the control of dour old roosters, some of the Red Star pullets showed no apparent fear in getting quite close to the curious mammal who had so terrorized them.

Not wishing to be unsporting (or risk damaging the trap) Mr. Fuzzy took Miss. raccoon on a long drive to an area of the county which is especially sparse in habitations. Miss. Raccoon now lives a few miles from any house or corn field in a lovely spot which sports not just a stream but a goodly pond too!


Jenny Woolf said...

We don't get raccoons here. I know they can be abig pest but I think they look so charming with their quaint markings.

Janet said...

Good to hear you are being kept on your toes! All the best from the UK.

Anonymous said...

That thar was my farmhouse and corn field you dropprd Miss Racoon off at...I got your license plate number and I'm a bringin' you some hungry skunks as thanks.

My best,