22 August 2011

Onion Harvest

I'm bagging up our harvest of Walking Onions today. They're more like shallots in size.

I think the lack of size is due to how I had them planted... I put in whole heads of bulblets instead of breaking them apart. I have about a peck of bulblets to be planted in a new bed. This time all broken apart and in better amended soil.


Lausanne said...

Hmmm. I have never seen "walking onions" but wonder if they might be similar to Egyptian onions, also know as multiplier onions. They are a perennial in my garden that reproduce by making a cluster of small onions at the tip of one of their leaves. Eventually the group of new little babies will touch ground and start the process all over again. Sometimes I cut all the clusters off, toss them in a basket and when I want to start another bed somewhere,I break up the clusters to plant individual small bulbs about a dime to nickle size in diameter. The way the plant reproduces makes me think it could be call a "walking" onion. Does this describe what you grew? Egyptian onions rarely get bigger than a quarter in diameter...they are like bunching onions, ,grown for their tender greens and harvested leaf by leaf right up to snowfall. It's the first outdoor green in my garden too, a welcome garnish to most any dish. I harvest the whole plants only when they are still young and tender. Just yesterday i clipped off all the new bulb babies so that they won't run into the aisle. I'm curious about your walking onions. Where did you get them? I'd be happy to bring a basket of my Egyptian onions for you to plant when I come down this October. Just let me know.

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

Mrs. Fuzzy here on Mr. Fuzzy's account...

Yes, these are he same thing as yours. I got them from a gal outside Abingdon. Everything I could find made it sound like these would form respectable small bulbs so I was hoping for 2" diameter keepers. Needed to pull them up anyway as I want to do something different at that end of the garden.