05 April 2011

When the Dead come to Life

Friday night at the Floyd Country store can only mean one thing, The Jamboree - three bands, playing in this order - gospel, country dance and old time/mountain music.

Now the first set is almost always gospel music and singing - it wouldn't be proper to dance then even if the tune would allow it. But then comes the second set which is nearly all dance music, or should we say, flatfooting music. A fair number of Folks drive up from North Carolina to dance there, its that special.

An hour before, it looks like a nursing home has turned out its ambulatory residents; folks walking with limps, others stiff as rails, some hardly able to balance. But I tell you what, when the flatfooting music breaks out, these folks come to life (in varying degrees). In this video, the man to left of center with a black hat and black vest can hardly shuffle - but he's out there on the dance floor. The young lady front & center shows the best possible style. and if your eyes are drawn to the right and bright orange guys, you can hardly be blamed.

Each of the three bands plays for an hour. The admission charge has recently gone up to $5.00. We love it here in Floyd County.


Anonymous said...

Not only good moves but cowboy boots!! I think I'm in love.
Known Anonymous

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Hey - I saw her first!

Mrs. Fuzzy said...

Actually, I saw her first.