26 April 2011

Miracle Chicks Update

I see it's been a week since my rather unhappy post about the chick shipment.

To update:

The five surviving chicks ("Red Star" production mixes) are hale and hearty. They are living in the brooder section of the greenhouse coop with The Twins. The Twins (named Mary & Martha) are the two Partridge Rock chicks that Miss Bett quit mothering. They were getting stressed from the big chickens bullying them so I brought them inside for a week to chill out.

Mary & Martha aren't amazing "big sisters" to the Miracle Chicks but they aren't aggressive so they get to stay as long as they play nicely. They have their own little coop-ette, also known as an open bird cage, to roost in or on. Mostly they hang out on the floor taking dust baths and cuddling one another. At night they fly to the top of their cage and roost up there utterly undisturbed until they decide to descend in the morning.

The little ones have already learned to fly up to low roosts such as a wire crate or the edge of their brooder box. They look so proud of themselves when they manage it on the first try! Maybe I'll remember to take the camera out tomorrow and get photos for you.

The replacement chicks for both lots will be arriving next week... boy will those 5 week old twins be surprised!

Cross your fingers that all goes well in transit.

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