27 December 2010

A little snow and a lot of wind

In answer to the earnest inquiries of several devoted readers, the snow storm that clobbered the coast just grazed Stratheden Farm. It snowed virtually all day on Christmas, an extremely fine, light, dry snow that barely built up any accumulation. By Monday morning, there was perhaps five inches, six at the outside, laying on the ground.

Along with the clear skies of Monday came winds that were forecast to hit 60 mph. Thankfully those speeds did not materialize here, however, it did gust to 35 mph and it blew all night long, sounding like a freight train speeding past the bedroom window.

Mr. Fuzzy plowed out the driveway today (the first time this winter), a fairly easy task due to the lightness of the snow and only five or six inches depth. He intended to take our friend to scenic downtown Floyd for a good time. Ah, it did seem too easy... our country lane, dirt and about eight feet wide, had a 24" or more drift piled in it, starting almost exactly at the head of our driveway. Alas, it was too deep for the little Ford 1710 to move/remove, and the Fuzzies were stranded at home. The irony is that less than 75 feet away, those same winds that piles the snow in drifts had blown the roadway completely clear, right down to the dirt and gravel. But neither of our 4x4 vehicles could get through the 24" drift to the clear roadbed.

The cats don't mind the cold but nearly all of them intensely dislike the high winds, methinks because they cannot hear an approaching predator. So the cats spent their day in the living room, soaking up the heat from the fireplace.

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