22 December 2010

Gas Pains

Rural living has a set of rules and challenges all of its own. Although we primarily heat the house with wood, a propane system is a necessity for those rare occasions when the Fuzzies are able to travel. It is also the sole heat source for the basement wherein Mr. Fuzzy deigns to post blogs from time to time. He doesn't mind 60F but less than that he finds not suitable to serious contemplation or good work.

When Mr. Fuzzy arrived at Stratheden in December of 2008, he discovered, much to his horror, with a major winter storm bearing down, that the prior owners left the 500 gallon propane tank without a drop, not even enough to keep the pilot light lit on the stove. Thus our first need to source propane was a desperate one (and on a Saturday night at that) so it seemed best to engage the same company that owned the tank since 1991. Although that encounter with them was salutary, more recent dealings left much to be desired, especially with the sense they were price gouging.

As the level of gas dwindled in the tank, thoughts turned to alternatives. We settled on Clark Gas, although headquartered in the count to the south, they maintain a significant office and facilities here in Floyd. After the required credit check, they came out with to exchange the current tank for their tank - and to check the safety of the entire system.

Not to any one's surprise, the manner of hooking the line to the house did not meet code, not now and not when the house was built in 1991. It was, in fact, a blatant safety hazard. So the gents who delivered and installed the tank also had to wrangle the pipeline into compliance. They were knowledgeable, friendly and highly competent - we were most impressed and it reinforced our decision to go with Clark Gas. Howard is an even rarer person than a good gas technician - a left handed writer who writes very neatly. Needless to say, because this is Floyd County, our little paradise, we expected such fine people.

Thanks for the great job, guys.

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Crystal Webb said...

Thats my Howard! He is such a wonderful man and I love him very much!