04 September 2010

She Photographs Non-Animals Too!

A couple weeks ago we made our annual pilgrimage to Lexington, KY for the Contemporary Longrifle Show. As in previous years there was much to see and not enough time to see it all because we get so much pleasure from visiting with the many friends whom we only see in person at the event. After the show we always go to our friend Paul's house for Sunday breakfast. His dear wife, Karen, is the most gracious hostess I've ever met and one of my heroes in this life. I really enjoy our yearly visit, sharing tales and watching the other guests fall asleep on the couch even as they talk.

Both photographs were taken on Steven Lalioff's table. He always has the most captivating assortment of things. Check out his website... he'll be needing to pay his daughter's college tuition soon!

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Lausanne said...

Interesting photo's April! Sounds like you took a much needed hiatus from the August doldrums on the farm. Did you get a new bag for yourself like what is shown here? I know how much you love the one you've had a long time.
Sorry to hear your garden has gone retrograde on you. Mine is a jungle of weeds with some amazing abundance about now. So much I can hardly keep up with it. I love the garden that flourishes in spite of my benign neglect!
I have just begun a succulent nursery with cuttings from all over the place, rare aloe seed from South Africa nestled in the refrigerator germinating, and plans for transforming our modest cupola (7' x 40") into a plant heaven (solarium). I'll take some before and after pictures so you can see the transformation. The cupola is right over our bed so some of the ivies I am rooting will eventually climb down from above to adorn our bedroom.
We just were given another 8 lovely hens to add to our flock and the rooster is overjoyed with his expanded job description. I can just picture your ladies strutting about their kingdom--and getting into mischief in the garden as well. I too wish I could convince our birds that the woodshed porch is off limits. Instead that's where I am likely to find their gifts on my welcome mat!