09 September 2010

Changes in Town

I forgot you, gentle readers, in tumbling about my business yesterday. I was working on a post in the morning with a bit of video of Stratheden Orchard's newest residents... not ones that we sought out, I might add! Sadly, YouTube seems to be glitchy of late so I wasn't able to upload and post it to you. Perhaps tomorrow.

Today I have for you some pictures of what greeted my eyes (and ears) in the grocery store the other night. Despite being only six years old, our Food Lion is getting a complete makeover. The Roanoke district has a large number of older stores that need tarting up so we benefit by it too. No doubt prices will go up... but that's just what happens so I suppose there's no point in getting upset about it. (Personally, I rather like our basic looking store.)

We're also getting another pharmacy in the deal. The Floyd Pharmacy is where we will continue to do our regular business. It's locally owned by a thoughtful pharmacist, has great staff, and reasonable prices. However, a lot of people here opt to use the chain pharmacies in Christiansburg or even Roanoke because Mr. Fetko isn't open all hours. My hope, and I imagine the grocery store's too, is that a good portion of that 'away' business will return to Floyd.

I truly doubt it'll hurt the local place... he writes more scripts in a week than many of the chain locations.

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