08 October 2009

Our wonderful neighbors at the end of the road offered us the use of their cider press - and their experience. Bless their hearts, they even helped us pick our apples. Our friend Brian was visiting from Vermont and took part in the squeezing party. Our mutsu apples produced a full bodied juice that oxidized very rapidly to a darker color. Just a few bushels yielded nine and a half gallons of heavenly and healthy liquid.

Our gorgeous two weeks of weather is about to come to an end if the weatherman is to be believed. It has been almost cloudless with deep blue skies and rather gusty at times. The temperatures have been warm; today was about 68F and the nights have been warm as well. Despite the warm temperatures, some trees are at their peak of colour right now, especially the maples. The locusts and walnuts are devoid of leaves and perhaps half of the walnuts have been shaken loose by the windy blasts. Its a wonderful time to live in the Blue Ridge mountains.

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