07 October 2009

Fort Dobbs

Sincere apologies, valued reader(s), for the lack of recent postings. All has been well on the Farm. Our first real visitors to the Farm, Brian & Luasanne, came down from Vermont for a delightful week... Brian was our best man (and obviously a very dear friend) who we had not laid eyes on for three plus years. A week was insufficient to catch up.

The weather before their visit verily defined driech - a fortnight of fog and drizzle. It was beautiful but becoming rather tedious. The day before our visitors arrived a powerful front blew through and brought perfectly clear skies and much lower humidity - perfect for them to sight-see. They were treated to all of the high points of our wee village and its environs including a several hour drive to near Statesville, North Carolina, to the site of Fort Dobbs, one of the most Southerly actions of the French & Indian War (known as the Seven Years War to our European readers).

Nothing exists of the original fort although there are plans afoot to reconstruct it. There is, however, a reenactment of a minor skirmish between the Cherokee (whose land was being stolen by invading settlers) and the invading settlers... the Indian camp was exemplary and attached are some images of the same. The final image is a 'narrator' who described for the tourists the ongoing action of the raid; this is something we had not seen elsewhere. The narration was strongly biased toward the white invaders...


Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the photos, looks like an interesting event. Still awaiting the "big news"???

MYSAVIOR said...

Your blog looks so interesting and I am looking forward to reading it all.