24 February 2016

Slogging along

Sloggging along in the mud, that is - after an exceptionally wet fall and early winter, there is no let up in the precipitation. Its rained six of the last seven days - have stopped keeping a record of rainfall, its in the "just too much" category now. Walking across the pasture in the fog yesterday, I noticed that as soon as you lift your foot, the impression is instantly filled with water. The ground basically cannot hold any more moisture, hence a flash flood watch each & every time it rains.

Although this image was made yesterday (its on film... not instant), today began the same way, a dense fog. Then rain, driving rain, pouring rain, sun showers, bright sun, and the cycle repeated itself. Most remarkably the temperature soared to 62 degrees. There were a few crocus in bloom but the wind has probably torn them to shreds. For the first time this year, there were dozens of frogs frolicking (the genteel word for what was transpiring) in the pond. Tomorrow night's low of 24F will likely end their joyful celebration.

Floyd county is in a high wind warning but most counties betwixt here and the Atlantic seaboard are under tornado watches and warnings. Its been a totally no-rules sort of weather day at Stratheden Farms. In walking the canines tonight, one oak tree was on the ground and lots of dead limbs had blown out of trees. Time to do a little waltzing with the chain saw for next winter's heat - when and if the weather breaks long enough. At the moment, its too soggy to take a tractor out to pick up the wood - the tires tracks would damage the pastures, and you just don;t let freshly cut wood lay on wet ground and absorb water.

As the sun disappeared into the speeding clouds, the wind velocity increased further. And the lights are taking to blinking every once in a while, hinting this should be published before it vanishes!

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Murphy Buehler said...

Beautiful photos Russell.