02 December 2015

A Refreshing Few Days Away

As much as Mr. Fuzzy loves Stratheden and its denizens, even a perfume factory needs a breath of fresh air once in a while. For good cause, a few days away in Covington and Lexington, Kentucky, was a fine tonic to offset the onset of winter blahs.
View of Cincinnati from my hotel window

The cause was the first marriage in the family in 18 years, my cousin Charles, who has always been more like a little brother than a cousin. With the recent Supreme Court ruling, he was finally able to marry his companion of more the twenty years, Chip. It was a pleasure to be present and to act as one of the official witnesses.

It was a civil ceremony with old friends and family present in their new home. Restrained, dignified and fun. Their old friend, Artie, performed part of the ceremony and the local magistrate, Steven, made sure the legal parts were conducted properly.

Artie, Master of Ceremonies
Local Magistrate at labor

Charles has always been a superb host and the night before the big event, they took Mr Fuzzy to dinner at a marvelous local restaurant, Bouquet, in downtown Covington. Superb cuisine, amazing service staff, refined decor, huge, diverse and top flight wine list, etc. Definitely five stars, right down to the men's room. What a delightful evening. Thanks, guys! And Sybilka... oh my...

  The next day's agenda was to slip down to Lexington to visit my buddy, Paul. The weather was grey and sharp but there was the entire afternoon to venture less than 90 miles - so a two lane back road was chosen for conveyance. Little traffic, a fine cemetery and some wonderful old barns that were all fodder for the Panasonic GX7.

May you have pleasant adventures in your life as well! [remember, you can click on any image to enlarge it]

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