29 September 2015

A Record

The rain came to a sudden and unforeseen halt about 7:00 p.m. tonight, going from downpour to none in just a few minutes. Here is a view to the southwest from the veranda.

The rain gauge was just now read and emptied. It had been emptied last night about the same hour. The marks stop at 5.5 inches but the gauge was full and overflowed. Therefore, the heavens must have loosed at least 6.25 inches of water in 24 hours, probably more - and five more days of rain are forecast. Culverts have been washed away and bridges damaged or washed away all over the county. If a wind arises, the trees, their roots in unsound and soft anchorages, will tumble, taking power and telephone lines to the muddy ground. Let us hope for a miracle.

By all accounts, the local telephone coop, Citizen's, has performed an exemplary job of repairing washed away buried lines. Good on them.

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