04 August 2015

Summer has peaked

  Saturday morning at sunrise, the temperature at sunrise was 55F, Sunday morning it rose to 57F. Although a bit warmer today, the nights have become more pleasantly cool even though the days remain toasty in the low to mid 80s. The problem is the lack of rain - the garden is powder dry and needs supplemental water every few days. Even the weeds have ceased germination.

  It was premature to write in the prior post that the day lilies were exhausted; they perked back up and enlivened the patio for a while longer but today certainly marks the final blooms from them. It has been a brilliant season for them. Three new varieties were purchased and planted that should make their showing even more spectacular in 2016. Stay tuned.

No chemical pesticides have been used at Stratheden since its acquisition. One benefit is allowing beneficial
insects to help with controlling the problem bugs. Most years, maybe a dozen praying mantis can be seen on a given day at this time of year; much like the bees and butterflies, their numbers are down this summer. nonetheless, this mantis was hoovering pesky critters from the zinnias this morning before posing for an informal portrait.

It is always a delight when friends come to visit. Last weekend, brought the delightful company of a friend from a very long time ago and her husband of forty years. They brightened my day immensely and it will great to have them return soon. Its true that real friends can pick up where the conversation left off, even if decades ago. Here are some photos of Carolyn taken about 45 years apart. She's still the same fine human being - or more so.

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