26 April 2015

A needed vacation

Dearest Reader.
Mr. Fuzzy deeply apologizes for the month long hiatus in postings.
Between tying up loose ends and 17 days in the Homeland, it has been a while since there was enough time for a coherent post. Now, freshly arrived back from Scotland and not well rested (he vacationed to total contentment and exhaustion), there are some 1,100 images to sort through and friends to thank for being amazing hosts.
Here are two images just to whet your eye's perceptions. The color image is from near Aberfeldy, Scotland, where the poor Ford Focus got a workout for which it was never designed on an ancient one lane dirt track going up a Ben; the view was dramatically improved by rising perhaps 600-800 feet from the main road in the valley bottom. The sepia image is from the ancient English village of Pickering in North Yorkshire. A reminder: you may click on either image top enlarge them to an almost decent viewing size.

There will be much more later once Mr. Fuzzy recovers from jet lack and haggis deprivation. May your past weeks have been as fruitful and peaceful.

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JudyB said...

Looking forward to more about your wanderings.