05 October 2014


After the last several posts with autumnal coloration, perhaps you, dear reader, might enjoy resting your cones (color sensors in your eyes) and observe Mr Fuzzy's world in monochrome. Those of you who have known Mr. Fuzzy more than a decade will recall his 'arty' photography was always monochrome and he has rediscovered the joys and special aesthetic vision of monochrome with the Panasonic GX7 camera.

A few weeks ago, the talented photographer (and dear friend) Tillman Crane stopped in for a day. Mr. Fuzzy always learns at least one key operational concept of photography from Tillman and this visit was no exception. Watching Mr. Crane use his Fuji X Pro 1 camera, it was observed his viewing screen displayed the scene in black & white. Naturally, the inquiry was made: why and how? His answer swayed Mr. Fuzzy to experiment with the same method and below you may peruse some of  the better class of outcomes.

The Panasonic Lumix GX7C camera is a relatively new(2008)  format pioneered by Olympus and Panasonic denominated "micro four thirds."  Its a small sensor but still larger than those used in most compact digital cameras. In theory, sensor size is key to tonality (dynamic range), low noise, and other important variables in digital imaging. In practice, however, those apparent limits are barely noticeable. On the other hand, the small sensor allows for a much smaller camera body and commensurately smaller lenses, such that the system you carry weighs a fraction of the larger sensor-packing cameras. The night scene above was taken more than an hour after sunset; the eye could discern no tone int he sky whatsoever. This was shot on 'idiot' mode with the camera making all determinations. Hand held at 1/13 second. You may have another opinion but this seems almost miraculous to Mr. Fuzzy.


The fogs have been plentiful and of fine quality in the last few weeks. Some have laid for hours, some have evaporated with the first warmth of the sun, but all reveal new glories of Floyd county for those who wish to see them.

As always, you may click on any image to enlarge it, should you so desire.

Stay well and content yourselves.

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