22 April 2014

Spring is here - maybe

This has been a transitional type of day, some spring showers, definitely spring's blustery winds, and the arrival of yet another cold front. The low is forecast to be 37F and if that is correct, all is well at Stratheden. Today two varieties of apples opened their first blooms; virtually every flower seems to have a single petal damaged by last week's hard freeze but the blossoms themselves seem quite viable. The species illustrated above is a dwarf and even the blooms are reduced considerably in size. The two large Mutsu apple trees yielded heavily last year and have almost no blooms whatsoever this year, as is normal. Thus there will not be a surplus of apples this autumn but perhaps just enough.

The large lilac has also opened its first blooms today and is on the verge of exploding into a riot of colurs, textures and perfume. Although short-lived as a cut flower, one cluster can reclaim the air of an entire room in the house.

Hopefully there will be but few frosts remaining in the spring before summer is soon declared. May the weather be as fine where you dwell, dear reader.


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