30 July 2013

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

It has, dear readers, been one of those days for Mr. Fuzzy.

1. As he let the chickens out of the coop this morn, secure in the certainty they had slept well and safe from The Raider, he saw the corpse of yet another hen inside. Checking the game camera positioned in front of the coop door, there was the visage of the villain, staring out of the coop door about 1:00 a.m. Once again, Mr. Fuzzy had failed to protect his much-diminished flock.

2. Because the remaining dregs of the main garden served little more purpose than providing food and shelter for the enemy, the tiller was invoked and about one-third of the big garden simply tilled under. A sad admission of defeat by the weather, insects and deer.

3 (a) Those readers who have known Mr. Fuzzy for long know his life revolved around photography prior to Stratheden Farm. When times get tough, photography has always provided substantial therapy and this seemed like the day to run a test roll through a Mamiya RZ67 body recently acquired on FleaBay. Actually, two rolls were exposed, each with different lenses.One preparing to develop film in the darkroom tonight, a plastic tube slipped from the hose bib and sprayed water all over one wall (including the content of a cork board) and floor. Twenty minutes with mop, sponges and towel ensued.
3 (b) Once the film was developed and hung to dry, it is clear that the new camera has a light leak, either in the film holder or the mating of the film holder to the camera body. Once the film is dry, said fogged negatives will be scanned and the images examined to diagnose the true cause.

There is more but a litany of disasters is rarely amusing or entertaining thus this post will cease. Sigh.

It is sincerely hoped that you fared better today, good readers.


JudyB said...

Sigh, indeed. Wishing you sunnier days ahead. We are hoping to see you in KY.

Shannon Baker said...

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