05 July 2012

Mr. DelGatto is Back!

Dear SuSu and Teddy,

It's me, Cheddar. Sorry I haven't written in a while. I just didn't have much to say cause it's been mostly pretty boring. Girlie and Annie decided to move out several weeks ago so we don't see them very often, though Girlie came over for a late night snack the other day. Somebody takes real good care of her- she was BRUSHED! Shiney, even! The humanz seem to miss them but the rest of us say Good Riddance! They were a pain in the tail, hissing and bitching all the time. Life is sooooo peaceful now!

People Mama tells me that SOMEBODY has demanded we post bout things other than "dirt and chickens." I agree with the chicken thing- all they do is eat, poop, and cackle and all they are GOOD for is bowling. Bowling for chickens IS fun but it's not really news. I mean, EVERYBODY does it! (But only us cats really get away with it.) Mr. Red and Rooster Rooster attack the dogs but never us cool catz. It's funny watching the big black dog cower when that little red rooster attacks. People Mama says I shouldn't laugh because Rufus could get hurt but it's HIS FAULT they don't like him. Everybody knows that only Buster gets to go in the coop. DU-UH!

Dirt is a pretty cool subject. We have LOTS of it and it is way better than the stuff you have. Almost no stickers! Tell your dog that. We have grass and NO cactuses! Papa asked this nice man to come over and give us even more dirt to play in over by the car building. First they, and People Mama, put sticks in the ground and tied strings to it for us to play with for a few days. THEN This other man came and dug the whole thing up with a loud machine. We kept away but watched those chickens walk right beside the scary thing eating bugs and the other gross stuff chickens like to eat out of the dirt. At the end of the day there was this HUGE hole with nice soft DIRT to play in. Oh it was GLORIOUS!!!!!!!!! Rocky Dog just kept running victory laps and attacking the soft clay. You've never seen a dog so happy!

But it got better! The NEXT day the man came back and made the hole really deep. So deep we couldn't jump off the edge in some places. It was fun playing Daredevil and seeing who was bravest. Rolling in the dirt was AWESOME during the day but the BEST part was the easy hunting. Man, a mouse should Know Better than to run across open ground like that bare dirt. We've all been having fun hunting in the cool night with that big light in the sky.

Every day the cool hole changes. First they dug long skinnyish holes in the bottom of the big hole. Then they filled them with concrete. (I asked Papa for the word. We call it Sunstone.) There are these little pipes you can crawl through too but they're kinda tight. This week these guys came with ANOTHER big truck and put up these walls. They are weird, though. They put two walls where one would do. I like to play inside them at night. The walls were in sections and are held together with these funny pins. People Mama says they are going to fill the gap with more Sunstone. I don't see why. You can't stretch out on a wall. Maybe this is going to be a jungle gym for us?

Inside, nothing good is happening. BOTH humans now have these funny shaped boxes that make sounds like Annie and Girlie caterwauling. People Mama has been doing it since JANUARY and won't stop even when I ask. At least she is getting better. She can play three or four tunes now. Papa just started so we animals have to endure until he can make tunes too. People Mama says the 'instruments' are called "violence" which I think is a good name!!

I guess that's enough news for now. I hate reading long letters and bet you do too. I hope you are far from all those fires. I read on Fecesbook that there was rain and everyone was happy.

Your friend,


JudyB said...

Sounds like much going on in the hills of sw VA.

Anonymous said...

One should be VERY careful what one asks for! Nevertheless amusing.
Known anonymous

Anonymous said...

nI do enjoy hearing from Chet. His perspective makes my life seem ordinary.

Lausanne said...

So glad Chet is posting again! What a refreshing tale of the doings out there at Stratheden Farm. That little fiddle video is VERY short however, about two or three notes at best, but I'll have to use my imagination for the rest. TWO "violence"!! I can hardly wait for October's visit down there to hear what all that scraping and sawing sounds like. With any luck that big hole in the ground will have a roof over it and a bed inside...I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

Good job Chet. What a clever ploy to get Teddy to come and scratch your ears. SuSu