23 January 2012

Fog and freezing fog

The unusual weather continues this winter. For about 36 hours, a freezing fog enveloped much of Floyd county, showering Stratheden's flora with her icy kisses. Mr. Fuzzy finds great visual pleasure in such atmospheric phenomena and took his camera for an ambulation about the grounds mid-day on Sunday.

The presence, or lack thereof, of icy crystals on trees, weeds and wires demonstrated the fickle nature of freezing condensation. The air nearest the ground was warmed by heat emanating from it, thus, no icy attachments near to the surface. A few feet above, however, the conditions were quite different; ice formed on anything hanging on this barbed wire fence (in the case of the image above, a Black Angus hair) but not the fence - yet barely one hundred feet away and slightly lower in elevation, ice formed on the east side of the wire.

Further back on the farm, towards Long Man creek, the moisture in the air was far greater and ice was forming madly - but only up in the clouds, about twenty feet above the ground. It demonstrated clearly that the grey veil which hung over the farm was a cloud descending from the heavens rather than ground fog attempting to rise above its station.

Mr. Fuzzy has all of his life been attracted to such days, which he attributes to his Scottish genes. Except for the plethora of trees, Stratheden Farm could have been anywhere in Fife yesterday.


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