16 December 2011


First, devoted reader, Mr. Fuzzy wishes to apologize for the paucity of posts of recent. He spent eight days with an upper respiratory infection, including pneumonia in one lung, that really laid him out like a Turkish rug. The Doctor has recently pronounced him free of contagion but he is also free of any energy.

The farm's production was not plentiful this year, the summer's drought diminished all growth, even the worst of the weeds. Spring was wet, warm and full of promise but the tap to the sky was closed the first week of June and not reopened until September. Gardens were fair at best and the remainder of the farm yielded but little compared to a normal year.

The Fuzzys shall not complain of pecuniary deficiencies but suffice it to say that Mrs. Fuzzy has taken in boarders for the winter. Find below an image of the foul foursome now dwelling on Stratheden Farm..


Lausanne said...

Hurrah for Ducks! I can imagine all the fun you're having watching the antics of your new boarders. Has your new pond filled up with rain? Where do the dear duckies sleep at night? Did you get 2 male and 2 female? We have some ducks that are such devoted mates to one another that we can't bear to escort them to the freezer.

Lausanne said...

Upon closer examination of the photo, it appears you might have 3 females and a male, though I can't tell because the suggestion of a tail curl is blocked from view by one of the females. Also if these ducks are still young, the males might not have their tail curl yet...1 male and 3 female is a great ratio if that is what you have!