29 July 2011

Mechanical arts

The venerable and normally ultra-reliable Ford 1710 tractor ate its water pump a few weeks ago. After much head-scratching and adequate procrastination, Mr. Fuzzy bit the bullet and removed the offending appendage on Tuesday. Right on time, UPS delivered the replacement pump at 3:35. A Ford pump would have cost $365 -or- an OEM pump at $102. Is that a no-brainer? The real difference between the two: the Ford part is Ford blue and the OEM pump is left metal-bright.

The engine itself is a three cylinder diesel made in Japan (Shibaura) and is amazingly economical with fuel. Producing 23.5 HP, it can easily pull a double plow through the heavy clay of Floyd County.

On Wednesday, Mr. Fuzzy mounted the new part and except for a leak or two where the old hose clamps were dodgy, all went back together smoothly - thank goodness. It must be said that Ford designed the radiator assembly to be easily unmounted, a necessity for working on the fan/water pump.

The engine block minus the water pump, radiator and assorted water hoses---

Mr. Fuzzy's father, a fine man throughout, was however, mechanically challenged by the simple turn-crew. Thankfully in his teenage years, during the era of street rods and hot rods (not to mention rat finks), youthful Mr. Fuzzy (yes, there was such a time, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth) learned about engines and their performance from Roland Story and Paul Ezell, two of the finest drag racers in the state of Kentucky during the earliest years of said sport. In addition to being true native mechanical geniuses, they were kind, wonderful men. Their instruction hath saved Mr. Fuzzy from many an unscrupulous mechanic and allowed him, when facilities and tools were present, to perform many engineering acts on his cars and trucks. Thank you most kindly, good sirs, for those summers of patient tutelage many spare parts ago.

new water pump (shiny!) in place, at work-


Lausanne said...

Chetworth del Gatto! And all this time I thought you were a feline of the feminine persuasion! I am indeed impressed with your problem solving mind and dextrous digits in replacing the water pump on your tractor. How satisfying! A fine dinner of grilled salmon with a maple glaze for you!

Mr. Fuzzy said...

Madame! Does Chetworth sound feminine to you? My goodness. I mean, just look at my handsome visage! Ginger fur - how much better does it get than that? Sauteed field mouse is sooo delectable..