29 May 2011

Liriodendron tulipifera

The season is at its end but thanks to the anomalous amount of precipitation, the tulip poplars still have some blooms. Ninety percent of the blooms are totally withered or barely hanging on - but the remaining ten percent showcase one of the most beautiful blooms from any tree (Southern magnolia, in the same family, excepted). This stately (100-150 feet high) tree is in the same family as magnolias and despite its common name, is unrelated to poplars. They are abundant on the front half of Stratheden Farm.

The smallish tree with the most eye-catching bloom here has to be the flame azalea. These bloomed out a week ago or so but were spectacular while they lasted - as always.

The monsoons have ceased, at least for a few days, the weekend has been glorious, 80F in the day and about 57F at night. Perhaps the garden will dry out enough to work the ground before planting season has passed.

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Jenny Woolf said...

That has to be the most amazing tree blossom I have seen.