12 October 2010


The hens came "into lay" about 2 weeks ago and we're getting about three a day right now. They're cute little pullet eggs, X Small, but the yolks are bright orange like proper eggs ought to be. Yesterday, I stalked Salvadora, our mini hen, until she laid her egg in the coop and was surprised to discover that hers are the same size as the standard hens'! Sal's eggs are the very palest buff color while the rest are light brown so when someone goes broody I'll be able to select for more Seabrights! They're really neat birds.


Amy said...

I Love Pumpkin Pie For Halloween

Lausanne said...

I have been selling my eggs at the local food co-op in Middlebury...averaging 3 dozen duck eggs and 2-3 dozen hen eggs per week. Some of the hen eggs are from our six young ladies that , like yours, are just coming in to laying...their eggs are increasing in size, but some of them are still too tiny to sell. We figure at this point, they are all paying for their feed , and feeding the guineas as well!