05 August 2009

Sit! Stay! Read!

No, Rufus is not reading (quite) yet... he's only 15 or 16 weeks old, after all! But.... he might just be smart enough to do so before he's two.

Life with mister border collie is sometimes pretty maddening... like the other day when he broke Mr. Fuzzy's grandmother's huge crystal vase... or when he stole the peach I was about to eat... or when he goes whacko nipping my heels... but it's not half as maddening as Nutmeg because this dog has All His Wiring Connected! He can learn, wants to learn, and does so at lightening speed. Best of all, he wants to please us and does whatever it takes to stay near us. He loves riding in the back of the Honda...

In only three weeks he's potty trained, learned the commands 'sit', 'down', 'off'', 'no', and 'cool it', and gotten himself pretty well crate trained once he learned he could either chill in there or in the garden. (And that chicken jerky only appears in the crate.) He chose the crate where he can watch the cats. What all this REALLY means is that he has managed to learn enough to not have his little paws nailed to the floor in utter frustration. Perhaps I should bake our vet a cake to say "thanks for teaching me how to teach him to be polite." Yep, he's even figured out that leaping on me is not the way I want to be greeted!

Good boy, Rufus!


Anonymous said...

That's so awesome...thanks for the link...can't wait to show the kids! =) They will love it.

Si02 said...

hi, I tried emailing Mr. fuzzy a while back as to the wedding to assure y'all it ain't til 2011. But I must have misspelled or he longer uses that email. Please convey my regards. Also When I remember I do so love reading your blog, you have a great "voice". :)
cheers. Agate