15 November 2008

Packing Up

Chetworth helps fill the boxes.

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Lausanne said...

Yes indeed, I remember when Brian and I were packing to leave New Mexico after nearly a half-century of accumulation. Two months beforehand we thought we had plenty of time to sort, sell or give away and pack...Even two weeks before our targeted departure date of May 1st we held to the grand illusion that the day would roll around with everything sorted, packed and that it would all actually FIT into the back of his pick up truck! By May 1st we recognized that we would only be able to leave when the job was done, that simple. Humbling in fact! By May 9th, the day before we finally departed, we decided that perhaps renting a storage unit for the truckload that remained was not a bad idea. And in that last 24 hour marathon miracles were accomplished, enabling us with tired by satisfied smiles to begin the caravan west, two canoes atop the tipi poles balanced over the horse trailer , the entire truck rounded high with blacksmith forge, tools, and merely half of the artifactual orphanage that would fit on this first expedition. My car was fully loaded with food and camping gear for the entire journey plus musical instruments and other fragile items--with a trailer of hay and water for the horses in tow. And What a Journey it Was!