13 October 2008

We Were Trying to Identify the Family Silver

So we looked it up on one of those replacement websites after Ebay finally yielded a positive identification. We're thinking of feeding Russ' stuff addiction by selling Mom's goopey silver and filling out the set. Here are some of the more esoteric pieces...

Casserole Spoon
Lettuce Serving Fork
Tomato Server
Cucumber Server
Old Style Pickle Fork
Pickle Serving Knife
Mustard Spoon
Hooded Asparagus Server
Macaroni Server
Croquette Server
Baked Potato Fork
Pea Serving Spoon
Cranberry Server
Horseradish Serving Spoon
Sandwich Tongs

Cream Ladle
Mayonnaise Ladle
Bullion Ladle
Oyster Ladle
Cream Dipper

Cracker Spoon
Saratoga Chips Cracker Spoon
Pierced Saratoga Chips Server
Egg Server & Spoons
Corn Fork
Five O-Clock Teaspoon
Butter Pick ( two-tine or single spiral)
Butter Spreader
French Hollow Knife with Bolster
Medicine Spoon
Infant Feeding Spoon
Individual Asparagus Tongs
Youth Tea Cutlery
Child Tea Cutlery
Terrapin Fork
Ramekin Fork
Cream Soup Spoon

Cake Saw
Pastry Server
Pastry Fork
Pierced Waffle Server
Buckwheat Cake Server
BonBon Scoop
BonBon Tongs
Confection Spoon
Petite Fours Server
Individual Pap / fruit Spoon
Orange Spoon
Fruit Knife & Fork
Strawberry Fork
Chocolate Spoon
Long Handle Chocolate Muddler Spoon
Sorbet Spoon
Parfait Spoon
Ice Cream Spoon
Pudding Spoon
Large Solid Ice Cream Server
Jelly Knife & Spoon
Preserve Spoon

Almond Scoop
Nut Serving Spoon
Pierced Nut Serving Spoon
Nut Pick
Crumb Knife
Cheese Scoop

Marrow / Bone Scoop
Sardine Fork
Tinned Sardine Serving Fork
Chipped Beef Fork (in 3 sizes)
Cold Meat Fork
Ham Slicer Knife
Butter Pick (1 twisted tine)
Lobster Fork
Oyster Fork
Crab Mallet


Jocelynne said...

Boy howdy, that's alot of silver. And such interesting pieces too! I shall lust after them all from a far but especially your aspargus tongs. It's like a silver museum. *happy sigh*

oriental banana said...

oh my -- that is a LOT of silverware! maybe just get a set of sporks and call it a day? ;)