14 June 2008

Cupar House empty

Yesterday April watched the removals van roll down the Burnside with our house contents. They will store them in Edinburgh until we have possession of Stratheden Farm and will be sent directly there (there's no room at the Santa Fe inn for more furniture!). We're most grateful to our friends Carolyn, Peter & Aase, Jim, Pete, for lending a helping hand in the packing process and support. A very special thanks to Chris and Anne who took April to the Edinburgh airport motel, making April's life so much easier; our cable tows are pretty long.

The estate agent also visited on Friday (the 13th) and appraised the little place at more than $20,000 above what we had expected. There have been two other units (in the total of eight) at the Tannery Court which have sold this year so he had a sound method of determining the price. If he is anywhere near correct, the Tannery hoos will fully fund the guest cottage and studio on the Farm.

Our industrious (and bright, beautiful, sweet, etc.) friend and former neighbor Daisy will whip the little place into a sparkling interior for the prospective buyers. Thanks, Daisy, we know you will do a perfect job.

I feel like an old friend has died. Cupar was so very good to us and despite its small size, the wee hoos provided everything we really needed. Not likely that we'll ever live in a pre-Roman town again with all of its ghosts and bogles (and neds). The bare stone, the harled walls, the white washed walls, a town in monochrome tones that only a photographer can love.


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