27 May 2008

Watching the Farm's Weather

If you go to any site which shows the NEXRAD radar stations, click on Roanoke. Although it says "Roanoke" the radar is actually near Terry's Fork, about 12 miles almost dead north of Floyd.

Floyd itself does not have an official weather observing station but apparently there is an amateur station, "kingstore." Once we have possession of the farm, one of the first acts will be to set up our Davis Instruments (www.davisnet.com/weather/index.asp) weather station. There is software available to hook it up to the net and if enough people are interested (and we have a good enough internet connection), you might be able to view our conditions via the WWW.

Two posts in a row on weather? Well, it is probably a farmer's greatest concern & fascination. Indulge me, OK?

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Big April said...

Can't wait to see the progress of your blog and farm! Already sounds like the perfect place for you and the critters. Now I have even more reason to visit southwest Virginia :)